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The pathway from first entry into university to graduation is not straightforward.  Students can transfer to a new institution, change field of study, or take a break from their studies on their way to earning a first degree.  How different pathways affect time-to-degree is important information for students starting their first degree or planning to switch program.

Building on measures of student persistence and graduation the Commission has developed a new measure of student progress and outcome: time-to-degree in the Maritime university system.

Time-to-degree measures the average number of years university graduates took to complete a first degree. The statistics are derived from the MPHEC’s longitudinal PSIS file which enables the tracking of individuals over time and across Maritime universities.


Student Progression in the Maritime University System: Time-to-degree. June 2018

Statistical Tables and Methodology


Student Progression in the Maritime University System: time-to-degree. September 2016

Statistical Tables and Methodology

How Many Years Does It Take to Complete a First University Degree: The Impact of Student Pathways on Time-to-Degree. September 2016

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