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Maritime University Statistics

Basic Statistics

Each fall, the MPHEC releases a set of standard statistical tables and downloadable databases that provide information on key indicators and trends in the Maritime university system. Enrolment and credentials granted statistics are generated from the MPHEC Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS) database.


Credentials Granted

Tuition Fees

The MPHEC annually releases tuition fees data for undergraduates, graduates and international students. The tuition fees published by the Commission are provided by the institutions.

Tuition Fees

Measures of Student Progress and Outcomes

As a core component of its research agenda, the Commission develops measures of student progress and outcomes based on student administrative data (PSIS) as well as the Graduate Outcomes (GO) Survey data. The project extracts further value from existing data resources by building robust measures that inform the themes of: demand for a university education, student progress, educational pathways and graduate outcomes.

University Participation

Persistence and Graduation rates


Statistics on Graduate outcomes are available here: GO Survey Program

More information on Measures of Student Progress and Outcomes

Definitions and Notes

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