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Quality Assurance


With a focus on the student’s experience, the Commission’s QA services are built on a partnership with institutions to help ensure students receive quality education and related services over the course of their university experience. 

MPHEC improves the student experience by providing quality assurance services for all publicly-funded universities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The Commission assesses all academic programs prior to implementation and follows-up by monitoring to verify that institutions are internally assessing their existing programs and activities with a focus on students and learning. 

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The bulk of the Commission’s QA related work falls under one of the following:

In carrying out its QA duties, the Commission aims to strike a balance between the following realities: (1) universities are autonomous and responsible to their boards for designing and implementing quality programs for their clients; and (2) stakeholders (governments, students, taxpayers, etc.) have a legitimate need for assurances about the quality and cost-effectiveness of institutional programs and services that they use and for which they help pay.

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