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Tools and Documentation for PSIS respondents

An Overview of the Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS) Submission Process for Institutions under the Mandate of the MPHEC

Important dates for Universities

  • Submission deadline - July 15th.
  • Validation of final MPHEC outputs - August 31st.

Tools and documentation you will need

In late May, the MPHEC distributes Institutional Audit Tables to be used with the MPSM application. To facilitate the submission process, Institutions can submit information about new programs/program codes that have been approved, and added to institutional files since the previous year's data submission to allow the update of the Audit Table prior to submitting final files. The MPHEC can also provide a list of your institutions' approved programs in our database.

Timeline for Universities

By July 15th Institutions

  • Prepare 7 PSIS data files.
  • Screen files with the MPHEC's MPSM application.
  • Correct any data errors.
  • Review data frequency outputs in MPSM.
  • Prepare an Error report explaining any errors that were not corrected. (Note: The file naming convention of the error report is similar to the seven PSIS files with positions 12 and 13 including E(error) R(report) with the .doc extension. E.g. 07F11001000ER.doc.
  • Submit the 7 PSIS .txt files and the Error Report through the secure MPHEC e-services file transfer website (Contact the MPHEC).


  • Screens PSIS files with MPSM.
  • Reviews Error Report.
  • Identifies which errors need to be addressed and which are acceptable.
  • Prepares preliminary statistical output files for the institutions to review: December 1st Enrolments, FTE, WFTE, FYFTE, FYWFTE and Credentials Granted


  • Correct data or answer questions that need to be addressed.
  • Verify preliminary MPHEC outputs.
  • Resubmit files if necessary.


  • Prepares final MPHEC Statistical output files.

By August 31st registrars

  • Verify and validate final MPHEC outputs.


  • Sends summary report to university presidents.
  • Submits PSIS files to Statistics Canada.
  • Certifies PSIS data extract from Statistics Canada.
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