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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a graduate student?

The graduate student registration status is defined by the institution and reported as Full-time (01), Part-time (02) or not enrolled (98) on four census dates (or flags):

  • Jun. 1 (SP5083)
  • Aug. 1 (SP5084)
  • Dec. 1 (SP5085)*
  • Apr. 1 (SP5086)

If a graduate student has no course activity, but is registered (working on a thesis and pays tuition) a course record (SC) for the thesis needs to be reported.

*Note: the December 1st registration status must be reported for students at all levels.

Graduate Students exceeding the maximum length of study permitted for funding under the New Brunswick Funding Formula (NBFF) and the Regional Transfer Arrangement (RTA).

If a graduate student has exceeded the Maximum FTE (Full-time equivalent) allowable for funding, the student should be coded as 3 (Not eligible to be included in weighted enrolment figures at element SP5025.

Maximum length of study permitted for funding:

Master's 2.00 FTE (2 years full-time or 6 years part-time)
Doctoral 3.00 FTE (3 years full-time or part-time)
Bachelor to Ph.D. 5.00 FTE (5 years)

Current MPS check: Frequency of students who have exceeded the maximum length of study (code 3).

Institutions that offer graduate programs should normally have students who have exceeded the maximum FTE.

How do I report co-op students?

Coop activity is called on the job training (OJT) in PSIS.

Flag for students with a work-term during the current report cycle

SP5070 Co-op program indicator

Elements that identify the duration of the co-op work terms

IC3140 Course OJT duration
IC3141 Course OJT duration units

Other element related to co-op programs

IP2300 Mandatory paid OJT duration
IP2301 Mandatory paid OJT duration units
IP2310 Optional paid OJT duration
IP2311 Optional paid OJT duration units
IP2320 Mandatory unpaid OJT duration
IP2321 Mandatory unpaid OJT duration units
IP2330 Optional Unpaid OJT duration
IP2331 Optional unpaid OJT duration units

How do I report a student who has switched programs during the report cycle?

If a student has switched programs during the report cycle you must provide a student program (SP) record for each program. Report an end date (SP5090) and a program end status (SP5100) for the first program. Often the end status of the first program will be 06 – withdrew from program.

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