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Graduate Outcomes Survey Program

The Graduate Outcomes Survey Program keeps the region up-to-date on several important themes including:

  • The status of graduates’ transitions to the workforce, with information provided on earnings, occupations and relatedness of work to skills learned in their programs;
  • The level of student debt and repayment status;
  • The retention of graduates in the Maritimes and migration rates outside the region;
  • Pursuing further studies after the first degree, with information on type of credential and discipline;
  • What graduates think of their educational program.

The Commission began surveying Maritime university graduates with the pilot survey of the Class of 1995. In 2011, the Commission conducted a full review of the Survey Program which resulted in changes to the program structure. More information on the review is available in the following document:

Shaping the Future of the Maritime University Graduate Survey Program: A Discussion Paper (April 2011) 

The current Survey Program focusses solely on bachelor’s graduates and consists of a six-year cycle which includes two graduating cohorts, both interviewed two years after graduation and with one of those two cohorts also interviewed six years after graduation (via a longitudinal survey). 

Survey Program Schedule
 Survey Year 2014 2016 2018
Graduating Class Class of 2012 (2 yr- out) Class of 2014 (2 yr-out) Class of 2012 (6 yr-out)

Class of 2014 in 2016

Borrowing to Finance University Education: Class of 2014 (September 2018)
Media Release | Report | Statistical Tables

Maritime University Graduate Migration: Fifteen-Year Trend (January 2018)
Media Release | Infographic (pdf) | Infographic (jpg)

Class of 2014 Maritime University Graduate' Employment Profile (June 2017)
Media Release | Report

The Class of 2014 Profile of First Degree Holders and Methodological Notes (June 2017)

Class of 2012 in 2014

Student Background, Time-To-Degree, and Graduate Outcomes (October 2017)
Media Release | Infographic (pdf) | Infographic (jpg) | Methodology and Statistical Tables

Expectations for a university education: Comparing the outlook of Grade 12 students to the experience of recent university graduates (March 2017)
Media Release | Infographic (pdf) | Infographic (jpg) | Statistical Tables and Methodology

Planning for University:  What Recent University Graduates’ Experiences Tell Us (January 2017)
Media Release | Infographic (pdf) | Infographic (jpg) | Statistical Tables and Methodology

Class of 2012 Maritime University Graduates Two years on: where were graduates living, and what was their activity? (September 2016)
Media Release | Infographic (pdf) | Infographic (jpg)Statistical Tables and Methodology

Class of 2012 Maritime University Graduates: Pathways to Employment (May 2016)
Report | Media Release 

Class of 2012 Maritime University Graduates’ Employment Profile (May 2016)

Profile of Class of 2012 First Degree Holders and Methodological Notes (September 2015)

Are University Graduates Satisfied with their Education? (September 2015)
Media Release
Click on image to open infographic in a new window
Universityexperience Satisfaction Thumb

Statistical Tables and Methodology
Download infographic and statistical tables in pdf format


The GO Survey program design enables the Commission to undertake projects in addition to surveys of Maritime university graduates that help meet the research objectives:

Transitions and Expectations for Postsecondary Education

The MPHEC collaborated with the departments in the three Maritime provinces responsible for K/P-12 education to conduct a survey of high school students to learn about their expectations for higher education.  Comparing the findings to university graduate outcomes survey data and information on university student pathways illustrates how well those expectations align with reality.  A total of 5,219 grade 12 students from 175 high schools responded to the online survey in May/June 2014. 

Project Description

Higher Education Expectations: The View from Grade 12 (April 2015) 
Report | Media release | Provincial Tables 

Why grade 12 students choose university (September 2015)
Media release 
Click on image to open infographic in a new windowInfographics Grade12 Choosinguniversity Thumb EN

Statistical tables and methodology
Download infographic and statistical tables in pdf format:
Letter size (pdf 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm)
Poster size (pdf 28.0 cm x 43.2 cm)

Do university- and college-bound students have different postsecondary education expectations? (November 2015)
Media release
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University Vs College Expecte Nov9 Thumb

Statistical tables and methodology
Download infographic and statistical tables in pdf format


CUSC Survey Data Analysis

The Commission is analyzing data from the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) to enrich the interpretation of data from the graduate outcomes survey.  The work is taking place under data sharing agreements with the five Maritime universities that participated: Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, St. Francis Xavier University, Université de Moncton and the University of New Brunswick [Fredericton and Saint John].

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