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The Authority, Duties and Terms of Reference of the New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Educational Computer Network Committee (NB/PEI ECN)

  1. The Network Committee must decide by a unanimous consent of those members voting. When a decision cannot be reached and when the Chairperson of the Network Committee declares a deadlock over certain items, those items shall be referred to the ECN Board for decision.
  2. The Network Committee shall determine priorities for support of the services outlined in Appendix B and C of the Network Agreement or to subsequent agreed amended services.
  3. The Network Committee shall strike standard costs for use of equipment, space, salaries and supplies. These costs will be paid as among the parties involved when they are unable to meet their needs by a trade-off in kind. For all computer use by participating institutions, the Network Committee, shall determine, from time to time, the arrangements which will prevail and these arrangements shall be the same for all institutions. Thus, an academic or administrative user at a remote institution will receive the same treatment as a similar user at the supplier location.
  4. The Network Committee shall determine the terms of participation of other educational users subject to approval by the ECN Board. In any case, where a decision which will affect the participating institutions is required, the item shall be referred to the Network Committee for discussion and consensus as to the approach. This will include arrangements with major external users and new education users.
  5. The Network Committee shall provide such operation and cost information as the ECN Board may require from time to time.
  6. The Network Committee shall carry out such studies as it may be directed to do by the ECN Board.
  7. The Network Committee shall review the utilization of current Network equipment and services periodically with an eye to improving efficiency and level of services rendered.
  8. The Network Committee shall plan for the training of staff for the fostering of technical interchange among the users of the Network.
  9. The Network Committee shall provide the ECN Board with an annual report setting out its plan for the coming year and showing its performance compared to plans for the previous year. This report should also summarize the activities listed under Sections 1 to 8 herein.

Board members:

Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, University of Prince Edward Island
Jean-Paul Boudreau, Mount Allison University
Mary Butler, New Brunswick Community College
Jacques Paul Couturier, Université de Moncton
Alexander MacDonald (Chair), Holland College
Tim Marshall, Maritime College of Forest Technology
Paul Mazerolle, University of New Brunswick
Dawn Russell, St. Thomas University
Catherine Stewart, MPHEC
Pierre Zundel, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

Network Committee members:

Rachael Anderson, MPHEC
Jim Bowen, Maritime College of Forest Technology
Dan Crabbe, St. Thomas University
John Gillis, Mount Allison University
André Lee, Université de Moncton
Richard MacDonald, Holland College
Terry Nikkel, University of New Brunswick
Tony Roy, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick
Dana Sanderson, University of Prince Edward Island
Dave Totton, University of New Brunswick
VACANT, New Brunswick Community College


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