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Consultation with Stakeholders: Quality Assurance

The core instruments of the Commission’s quality assurance program include: (1) the assessment of programs prior to implementation, and (2) the monitoring and verification that institutions assess their existing programs and activities with a focus on students and learning. These efforts are meant to assist Maritime institutions in their continuous improvement.

The Commission provides assistance to institutions in developing and enhancing their quality assurance programs through the second instrument. A first cycle of this monitoring process led to the enhancement (and in some cases the establishment) of institutional quality assurance policies, while also highlighting a need for these policies and processes to focus more on students and learning. The Commission is therefore developing the framework upon which a second cycle would address these areas and has been seeking stakeholder input.

After releasing a discussion paper on this topic, obtaining written feedback, the Commission hosted a Forum on Quality Assurance on March 25, 2013. All Maritime universities within the Commission’s scope, along with student and government representatives from all three Maritime provinces participated in the event.

Students at the Heart: Quality Assurance at Maritime Universities (discussion paper)

Forum on Quality Assurance:  Agenda

Overview of the Commission’s Proposal: Context and Proposed Institutional Standards (slide show)

Overview of the Commission’s Proposal: Proposed Implementation (slide show)

Students at the Heart: Stakeholder Reactions to the MPHEC’s Proposed Approach to Quality Assurance at Maritime Universities (consultation report)

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