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Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission

Forum on Data Collection and Research March 26, 2013:

As a core component of its Research Agenda, the Commission has been developing measures of student progress and outcomes based on student administrative data (PSIS) as well as graduate outcomes survey data. The measures developed under this project, launched in 2008, can support institutions in continuing to deliver quality education and governments in providing accountability and transparency. They can also provide students and their families an understanding of the nature of educational pathways in the Maritime university 'system' and the outcomes of its graduates

The Forum on Data Collection and Research, an annual event, was focussed in this year on consulting with stakeholders on the set of measures that will be updated on a regular basis. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the Commission’s Gradate Outcomes (GO) Survey Program.

Participants included representatives from 14 Maritime universities, student associations as well as government representatives from the postsecondary and K-12 sectors.

Materials provided at the Forum are available by following the links below:

A summary of input received at the Forum, and next steps are available here.


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