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MARITIME PROVINCES HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION – Maritime Students: It’s Time to get Snapping!


September 23, 2015

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) once again invites students to pick up their cameras or smartphones to capture in a vivid image their view of a high- quality student experience. Any student enrolled at a university in the Maritime Provinces is eligible to submit a photo to the MPHEC’s third annual Student Photo Contest, which offers three cash prizes.

MPHEC originally conceived the contest as a one-off way to celebrate the Commission’s 40 years of enhancing and maintaining quality in post-secondary education in the Maritimes, but the excellent response has firmly established the competition as an annual event. MPHEC CEO Mireille Duguay says she hopes to see the usual strong response to the call for submissions. “The hope is that this initiative will inspire students to think about their own university experience and, expanding out from that, what a high-quality education looks like,” says Duguay. “In addition to raising awareness of our mandate among students, we are eager to listen to their priorities, their vision, and their expectations for post-secondary education.”

The winners of last year’s competition, from four different Maritime universities, submitted thought-provoking, humorous, and inspiring entries. These submissions can be viewed on the Commission’s website.

Students are invited to submit a photo that illustrates the theme of “the Student Experience” and that demonstrates what a university education means to them, what quality of education means to them, or what their pathway to learning looks like. “We want to see ‘the student experience’ through the eyes of students themselves; this could be captured in a photo of students among their peers, perhaps in the classroom or engaging in hands-on learning,” concludes Duguay.

The photographer submitting the winning entry will receive $500. The Commission will also award two prizes of $250 for runner-up photographs.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2016 and winners will be announced in early spring 2016. Additional details on the contest, including rules and entry forms, are available at: www.mphec.ca

The MPHEC was established in 1974. The MPHEC is an arm’s length organization accountable to the ministers responsible for post-secondary education in the Maritimes. The Commission comprises 20 members representing universities, the public-at-large (including students), and the three Maritime governments. The Commission’s primary orientation in carrying out its duties is to give first consideration to improving and maintaining the best possible service to students as lifelong learners.



Media contact:

Meranda McLaughlin

Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission


e-mail: mphec@mphec.ca




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