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MARITIME PROVINCES HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION – Second annual student photo/video contest another winner


30 March 2015

Fredericton, NB - The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) is delighted to announce the successful entries in its second annual student photo and video contest. Four winners, all from different universities, highlighted the diversity of “The Student Experience” in Maritime universities, and will be rewarded for their efforts with cash prizes and inclusion on the MPHEC website and in Commission promotional materials.

“Students submitted thoughtful and inspiring entries to the Contest,” said Mireille Duguay, Commission CEO. “What delighted us this year was the level of humour students incorporated into their submissions.”  The winning photo, by Jeremy Dussault of Mount Allison University, depicts a student sitting outdoors reading The Origin of Species with a squirrel near his feet and a bird on his head!

The two runner-ups in the photo contest bring to life their contrasting student visions.  Alex Kall (UNB)’s photo, “My Student Experience: Making Friends with New Technology,” shows a priceless sideways glance from a human face to a human-like microphone,  capturing the here and now of 21st-century possibilities in student academic experiences – all while making us smile at the same time.  Then Jessica MacDonald (NSCAD University)’s beautifully composed photo entitled “Exploring New Horizons,” illustrates a long view to the literal horizon paired with the promise of more figurative horizons to be explored by this budding academic.

The best photo entry (Dussault) receives $500 and the two runner-up photos (MacDonald and Kall) each receive $250.

The winning video, “Experiencing Diversity” by Maxwell Poole, uses various video techniques and voiceovers to demonstrate how diverse an experience Saint Mary’s University’s provides, which helps students forge their path in a globalised world.

Recognizing the extra time and effort it can take to create a video, MPHEC altered the prize structure this year to allow for a $1,000 prize for the best video (Poole).

The entries came from seven universities across the region. Duguay noted:“We wanted to raise awareness of our mandate to improve the post-secondary learning environment, which is well understood among government stakeholders and colleagues at the universities themselves, but not as well-known among students, hence a Contest “by students, for students, about students.” I was delighted to see such widespread interest.  It looks as though the MPHEC contest may become an annual event! And we look forward to using this year’s winners to help depict our shared vision, in future materials and on our website.”

“In the end it’s all about the students,” concludes Duguay. “Winner Maxwell Poole quotes Robert Brault’s famous line, ‘The road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze.’ We saw some real trailblazers in this year’s Contest, and they represent a forward-looking and engaged generation of students in the Maritimes. Well done!”

The MPHEC was established in 1974. The MPHEC is an arm’s length organization accountable to the ministers responsible for postsecondary education in the Maritimes. The Commission comprises 20 members representing universities, the public-at-large (including students), and the three Maritime governments. The Commission’s primary orientation in carrying out its duties is to give first consideration to improving and maintaining the best possible service to students as lifelong learners.



Media contact:

Meranda McLaughlin

Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission


e-mail: mphec@mphec.ca




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