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Winners of the 2015-16 Student Photo Contest!

First place – "Enlighten” 

“This photograph is a visual representation of how education can take people to brighter futures. Knowledge is empowering and allows students to better reach their goals. The books shown represent knowledge, the girl-a student. As she gains knowledge she is able to take new steps to higher places. Her education has allowed her to begin to grow 'wings' which someday she will use to soar to the future of her dreams.”

-Savannah Forsey, Mount Allison University student

Savannah Forsey 


Runner up – “Everyone Learns Differently” 
Alex MacLean, Cape Breton University student

Alex Maclean 


Runner up – “Joy in Unexpected Places" 
Emilie Chiasson, University of New Brunswick student

Emilie Chiasson


2013-14 Contest Winners

2014-15 Contest Winners

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