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Atlantic Veterinary College Agreement

The Atlantic Veterinary College Interprovincial Funding Agreement, administered by the Province of Prince Edward Island, is an agreement in which the four Atlantic Provinces have agreed to share in the funding for the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of educating students at the AVC. The Commission's role under this agreement consists in the allocation of the Province of New Brunswick's yearly funding to the Province of Prince Edward Island. In consideration of the Provinces contributing their proportionate share toward the funding of the College, each province has a guaranteed number of seats for fully qualified applicants. New Brunswick is guaranteed 13, Nova Scotia 16, Prince Edward Island 10, and Newfoundland and Labrador 2 undergraduate seats per year. In addition to the 41 seats assigned to provinces, 19 seats are marketed annually to international students. It should be noted that graduate students are covered under the regional transfer arrangement.

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